4 Important Tips For Making Your Marketing Materials Stand Out

Your company's marketing materials are very important for the success of your business, as they are a customer's or client's first impression of your overall product or service. They can also impel them to frequent your business, or can actually be a turn off to them! If you want your marketing materials to stand out, consider a few important tips for how to do this properly.

1. Don't overdo it with the graphics

It's easy to think that more graphics will mean catching more eyes of potential customers and clients, but in truth they can simply make your materials look cluttered and busy. Choose one big and bold graphic and use it in one corner. Your graphic can even be your company logo if you have one, but tone down the use of graphics so you don't overwhelm your readers.

2. Use easy-to-read fonts

Fancy fonts may be very pretty, but they're also very difficult to read, and your potential customers and clients may get irritated if they can't read your materials. You might opt for one fancy font for a header or title, but be sure it's not so busy that it's illegible. Opt for block fonts in a simple type for your materials so that nothing is lost by the print itself.

3. Choose colors that fit your product or service

Marketing material in a bright primary color will seem out of place for a professional office. A company that advertises services in the technology industry should also avoid bright colors and instead stick to colors that are associated with technology, including silver and blue. A company that sells organic products might choose earth tones. If your colors don't seem to coordinate with your business, this can confuse potential customers and clients, whereas the right colors can make your marketing materials stand out and feel professional and coordinated.

4. Make sure they're professionally prepared and printed

One big turnoff for potential clients and customers is a flyer or other marketing material that is not professionally prepared and printed. If your graphics are fuzzy or your printing is of poor quality, this will tell them that your company is not very professional and not to be trusted. They may also assume your product or service is of poor quality and second rate. For the success of your business, invest in quality digital printing rather than printing your marketing material on a desktop printer that doesn't produce high-quality materials. Read more about professional printing services to figure out what's best for your business.