4 Ideas For Thoughtful Gifts For Grandparents

The holidays are right around the corner, and if you're a parent your kids are sure to want to give their grandparents a thoughtful gift. While buying something useful from the store is perfectly acceptable, many grandparents love sentimental presents that can be cherished for years to come. Use the following ideas to inspire you when deciding on what gifts your children will give their grandparents this holiday season:

Salt Dough Hand Prints

If you want to make a gift that is easy and affordable, consider having your children make salt dough hand prints for their grandparents. There is something adorable about little hand prints, and preserving them in salt dough will capture your kids' tiny hands so their grandparents can remember how small they were years from now.

Framed Family Photo

Many grandparents love to have photos of their grandchildren displayed around the house, so a gift of a framed family portrait is sure to be appreciated. If you have a family picture taken by a photographer, don't forget to order enlargements for the grandparents. You can also use a photo you take yourself-- most places that print photos offer enlargements for an affordable price. To make the gift extra special, purchase a beautiful custom picture frame for your photo. Take into account the home decor and style of each set of grandparents when selecting a custom picture frame.

Photo Memory Book

If you're like many parents, you probably take a lot of pictures of your kids. These pictures can be used to create a beautiful photo memory book that the kids can give to their grandparents. Let your children help you look through all of the pictures you have taken over the past year, and pick the best ones for your book. Once you know what pictures you want to use, choose a company to print your photo memory book, upload the photos, and design each page. In a few days your photo books will arrive, ready to be gifted.

Children's Artwork

Children can create the most wonderful pieces of art, and their masterpieces can make wonderful gifts. One option is to frame an especially cute piece of artwork and give it as a gift. But you may also want to consider using the artwork to create personalized gifts. There are many companies that allow you to upload your children's artwork on their website, and then have it placed on coffee mugs, pillow cases, tea towels, and a number of other things.