3 Tips For Choosing Custom T-Shirts For Restaurant Employees

If you own a restaurant, ordering custom T-shirts for your waitstaff and other employees to wear can be a wonderful decision. Then, everyone can have a nice, cohesive look. When you are picking the perfect design and T-shirts, however, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Then, you can ensure that your employees are as happy as possible with their shirts.

1. Choose a Lightweight Design

As you might already know yourself, it can easily get hot in a restaurant kitchen, and restaurant servers and other employees who have to dash in and out of the kitchen and all over the restaurant can become hot very easily. Luckily, choosing lightweight T-shirts can help these employees stay more comfortable. When buying your T-shirts, make sure that you look for lighter-weight shirts rather than heavier blends.

2. Consider How Easily the Shirts Will Stain

Sure, the idea of your staff members wearing pristine white T-shirts with your company's logo on them might sound good, but the truth is that this isn't always a good idea in a restaurant setting. It can be easy for even the most careful and most experienced of staff members to spill things on their clothing throughout a busy shift, so choosing a darker color rather than a lighter one can be a smart option. Then, spills won't be quite as obvious when they do happen.

3. Pick Something Loose-Fitting

Tighter tops can be uncomfortable in a restaurant setting, and they can also be less practical. Restaurant servers and other restaurant employees have to move all around throughout a shift and have to bend over, stand up, lift things over their heads and more on an average day. Choosing a shirt design that is rather loose-fitting rather than being too tight can help prevent employees from showing skin when they don't want to. Also, consider avoiding low-cut T-shirts and other shirts that might put your restaurant staff members in uncomfortable positions when they are working.

When thinking about ordering your custom T-shirts for your restaurant, you might have thought about things like the logo design. However, there are other things that you will want to think about when ordering your T-shirts to ensure that they are a good fit. These are just three helpful tips that can make it easy for you to choose the best custom T-shirts for your restaurant employees.

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