Choosing An Energy-Efficient Copier For Your Office

A copier machine that produces high-quality images is excellent, but a copier that is also energy efficient is even better. An investment in an energy-efficient copy machine means that your company is doing its part to conserve resources and protect the environment, but that you're also working to lower your operating costs, which is valuable for business. 

Sleep Mode

Look for a copier that has a sleep mode feature built-in. Yes, all electronic devices burn some level of electricity when they are plugged in. However, when a device is in sleep mode, it burns considerably less energy. Copiers with this feature will automatically shut off after a certain amount of time of inactivity, such as 10 minutes. As a result, instead of the machine staying on in full-function mode, it will automatically cycle off into this low power mode to conserve energy. 

Internal Processing

If there is one drawback of a copier machine, it's the fact that they have to warm up when they have not been used for some time, such as after being in sleep mode. Machines with slow internal processing systems have extended warm-up times, which can amount to wasted energy. Newer machines with faster processing systems warm up faster and reduce the amount of energy loss during the process, which can help you save over time. 

Dual-Sided Printing

It's smart to invest in a copier that offers dual-sided printing. Models with this feature can simultaneously print on both sides of the paper. On the one hand, this feature can reduce your printing times, which can help lower the amount of energy expelled to print a single document. However, it can also help you minimize paper waste, since you can use both sides of the sheet, which can also help you reduce your printing costs.

Scan Features

Every document that you need a copy of does not necessarily require a hard copy. If you can invest in a copier with a scan feature, you can scan documents, convert them into a PDF format, and electronically send them through email or save them to a file. This feature helps minimizes paper waste, can conserve energy since the printing process does not have to take place and can make uploading important information easier.

An investment in a more energy-efficient copier can mean long-term benefits for your company. Keep all the above factors in mind when looking at copiers for sale.