3 Elements Your New Trade Show Exhibit Should Feature For Optimal Exposure

If you're like most business owners who plan to utilize trade shows to drum up new business, you likely want to do all you can to optimize your exposure and ensure that you make a positive impression on trade show attendees. Here are three elements your new trade show exhibit should feature to make sure that you'll be noticed at upcoming trade shows.

Branded Table Covers

To make sure that your exhibit stands out from the competition at the trade shows you attend, it's a good idea to have branded table covers created to use as a base for your exhibit design. Having your logo printed on your table covers will help passersby easily recognize who you are and what you have to offer. And your tables will look different than any others at the trade show, which should help catch the attention of people who might otherwise overlook your booth.

In addition to having your logo printed on your table covers, you can have your phone number and website address prominently displayed so people know how to get ahold of you if they're interested in your offerings but don't have time to actually stop at your exhibit.

A Raffle Promotion

You can really draw attention to your trade show booth by hosting a raffle promotion for everyone to get involved in. Offering people an opportunity to try your products or services for free is sure to pique the interest of passersby and generate some new leads for your business. If you're selling products, you can give one product away as the raffle prize.

If you're selling services, you can offer a free consultation or an hour's worth of service for free as the prize. As people walk by, they can fill out a raffle card and put it in the raffle container that you make available for them. You'll get their contact information when they enter the raffle so that you can alert the winner and have access to fresh leads. Plus, anyone who enters the raffle will likely take a business card with them so they know how to contact you about the raffle.

A Custom Display Banner

One of the most important things you can do to optimize your exposure at trade shows is to have a custom display banner created to hang over the entrance of your exhibit. A large display banner will make your exhibit noticeable from aisles away and help create brand recognition as you become more popular at the trade shows you participate in.

Your banner will give your trade show booth a professional look and feel that gives people confidence in your business. Your printer can help you create a custom design that includes your logo, your preferred color scheme, and even a slogan that calls people to action when they see the banner.

For more information, contact a trade show display printing company.