How To Stop Worrying And Learn To Love Your Office Printer

In the movie Office Space, there's a really famous scene where the three main characters take a printer from their office, one that had been giving them nothing but trouble, out into a field and beat it to smithereens. It was a very cathartic scene in the movie, and for anyone who has had to deal with a recalcitrant printer in the office. Printers are important, but dealing with them can be frustrating! Especially since some of the printing errors can seem oblique and hard to diagnose. Here are some easy ways to help yourself and your employees come to love your office printer.

Right Tool for the Right Job

Whether starting fresh or replacing an old machine, the temptation to get the coolest gizmo is strong in most people. But it's important to know what your office actually needs. For most places, a lot of what you print is going to be in black and white. So get yourself a nice sturdy office laser printer that prints strictly in black and white. Also, make sure you get printers for offices. These are designed to stand up to the heavier usage they might get in an office setting, and the black and white machines are fairly reliable.

Even if you also need color printers for other things, depending on your business, you're still going to want a reliable black and white machine.

You also want to make sure you're getting the correct paper for the job. Select paper that is the correct weight and is marketed for your type of printing (inkjet or laser).


Common printing problems are a lot easier to diagnose if everyone knows how the printer operates. Printers are important, if somewhat invisible, part of a lot of businesses. Educating your staff on their usage, as well has how to diagnose common errors, can reduce everybody's frustration. For example- it's important not to pull the paper out before the printer is done printing. Doing so can tear the paper, leaving a scrap in that can cause persistent jamming. Near the printer, keep a copy of your printers specific error codes, so even if it's oblique your employees can look it up and determine what the next step should be. Even if the next step is 'call in the repair person', it can give your employees a feeling of control and agency over the situation, instead of feeling like the printer is some mysterious, fickle, unknowable antagonist. Contact someone in your area for office printer repair.