Want a More Accurate Price Estimate? Take a Look at These Options before Calling

Screen printed T-shirts are a fantastic and fun way to express team spirit, memorialize an event, and promote causes. Screen printing when done in bulk can be very cost-effective, but the cost can vary based on a number of factors. Screen printing companies usually have basic price lists available immediately, but when you want a quote for the work you're planning, those price lists go only so far. Take a look at these options before you call the screen printing company. With this information in hand, you'll be better positioned to get an accurate quote.

File Development and Conversion

Most screen printing designs are done on computer now (or if they're hand-drawn, converted to a computer file). If you have a finished design that is in a compatible file format, you likely won't have any costs associated with sending or using the design. However, if you need help finishing the design or doing anything to make sure it's in a format that the screen printing company can use, you might incur extra costs.

Ink Colors

Any time you change a color in a design, you are essentially having the screen printing company create different designs. The outlines of the design might be the same, but that white outline for black shirts and that black outline for white shirts require two different screen printing rounds and materials. If you change ink colors, your costs will go up.

Item Numbers and Brand Requirements

Screen printing companies often have minimum order amounts, but once you fulfill those, you usually aren't required to get specific numbers — except in one specific case. This has to do with brand. If a particular shirt brand has order limits and requirements that the screen printing company has to follow, then you'll have to follow them as well. For example, X brand requires that the screen printing company buy by the dozen; if you want your designs printed on X-brand shirts, then you may be required to order at least a dozen.

Other Customization

And, of course, if you want any other customization that would require the company to modify its printing processes, such as rush orders that would require moving other orders back, you'll have to pay more.

This may sound complicated if you haven't arranged for screen printing before. However, it's not too difficult. Call the screen printing company and find out what they need to know, and proceed from there. If you have more questions about screen printing, reach out to a local service.