3 Major Types Of Commercial Printing Services

As a business, it gets to a point where you have to promote your business services and reach your target audience in a catchy way. The most common way of achieving that is by printing large posters and billboards to advertise your services. 

Large format printing services are offered by commercial printing companies that specialize in various printing aspects. It is essential to understand what printing service befits you before you go seeking the services. 

Here are three primary commercial printing services that every business person should know.

1. Offset Lithography 

As a business, cutting on costs is always a top priority. Offset lithography is one of the best ways to get your large format print done in a less-costly manner. It is one of the best printing processes to use for attaining high volume production. The machine uses a printing plate that has an image on it. The plate is then inked up before printing the image on the chosen surface, including large paper rolls, clothes, boxes, brochures, and plastic. 

You don't have to worry about how your high volume of print is going to be executed. These machines are specially equipped with printing units or towers where rolls of papers are fed to offer the best high-volume printing results. 

2. Large Format

It is also referred to as wide-format printing, and it offers a way for businesses to make significant impacts in their marketing endeavors. As it stands, size speaks volumes in marketing, and the best way to grasp your target niche's attention is by sending the message home through such large prints. 

You can create customized logos or posters and double-sided print banners waterproofed by the printers with large formats. It is an ideal option for printing billboards and wallpapers, among other printouts. 

3. Digital Printing

Digital printing is a more modern way of handling commercial printing. It is the best option for businesses in search of short runs and opportunities to get creative when handling commercial print. It is also a cost-effective way of getting a large number of prints in a short duration. 

While offset printing gives you larger prints at a lower price, digital printing gives you smaller and creative ones at an equally lower price. So, you can go for offset printing when in need of larger printouts in large volumes and pick digital printing for your short-run printing deals. 

Digital printing is ideal for printing banners, magazines, slogans, and letters, among other services that require high-quality production.