Elements That Make A Direct Mail Campaign Stand Out

Commercial direct mail has always been a difficult but fruitful way to market to a consumer. When a consumer reads mail, they often plan on tossing it soon after. However, if you're able to attract attention from your customer through a commercial direct mail service, you will need to find a way to grab the recipient's attention.

Choose the Correct Format

There are several formats you can choose from when communicating with the recipient. For instance, you could send a traditional letter, a postcard, or a brochure. A brochure can easily store a large amount of information. A postcard can be more effective in attracting attention because the recipient will be able to read it without opening it. 

However, you could also send a blank envelope and entice the recipient into opening it by causing them to wonder what is inside. With an envelope, you will also be afforded more space to communicate than you would with a postcard.

Personalize the Direct Mail

At the very least, you will want the letter to be addressed to the recipient and not something like "Dear resident." Take time to learn about the recipient so you can choose a marketing approach that shows you understand their problems.

One way you can help your potential customer is by providing them with genuinely useful information. For example, you could provide the client with a white paper that is relevant to their industry. By doing this, you might be seen as a trusted resource and may be more likely to convert the addressee into a sale.

Enclose a Gift

A simple gift that would be useful to the recipient will increase the chances that the envelope will be opened. For example, you could enclose a flash drive. Including a logo and the name of your company can also allow you to remind the recipient of your company.

Use Digital Elements 

Your mail service can print and mail a QR code that can be easily scanned by a mobile device and can allow the user to visit your website or download an app. Think about where your customer will be in the buying process and take them to the next step.

Use a Simple and Clean Design

Getting to the point will help you grab the attention of the reader as quickly as possible. Then, you can build interest in your service and give your customer a call to action. To learn more, contact a commercial direct mail service.