Why Sending Congratulations Cards Is Still a Good Idea in the Digital Age

When someone gets the job they wanted or otherwise achieves a major life milestone, it's common today for lots of people in their life to send a congratulatory text message or perhaps an e-mail. But while many forms of communication today are conducted in a digital manner over the Internet or a cellular network, there are still benefits to being a bit more old school in your approach. Here's why you might want to stock up on Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards or other themed stationery that you can use to reach out or touch base with a friend or colleague when the time is right.

A Congratulatory Paper Greeting Card Is Unexpected and May Make Your Message Seem More Heartfelt

As was just noted, the text message is one of the most common ways that people reach out to each other today, but this also means that your text message is only going to be glanced at for a second or two before the person moves on to reading perhaps dozens of others. While some people still send greeting cards or stationery letters for Christmas or birthdays, sending a card for a different reason like celebrating someone getting a job is much more uncommon. This means that your message will stand out more from all of those texts and make your effort seem more heartfelt because you obviously put some extra effort into reaching out instead of just sending a quick five-second text message.

A Congratulatory Paper Greeting Card May Stick Around for Longer and Keep You in the Person's Mind

A text message, e-mail, and even a phone call can help you reach someone quickly, but then they will move on with their day and likely won't think about that form of communication again, especially if lots of additional texts or e-mails are coming in from others. But when you get a nice, themed greeting card printed on premium paper, this could be something that you keep on display or at least store in a bin somewhere instead of just throwing it away and forgetting about it. Sending out paper greeting cards is a great way to keep yourself or your organization on the minds of the person or people you are sending it to, as they will be reminded of you every time they see that card in the future.

A Congratulatory Paper Greeting Card Can Be Themed Around Your Organization

Whether you are sending congratulations to the alumni of your fraternity or sorority or you run some other type of organization that you want to keep on the minds of its current or former members, a themed greeting card is a great option because you can include your organization's colors, logo or other similar decorations. Contact a printer or provider of premium greeting cards today to get started.