Reasons To Use DTG Printing For Your Custom Shirts

When you are wanting to have t-shirts custom-made, there are many options that are available to meet this need. During your initial planning phase, you will need to review these options. In particular, DTG printing is an option that can be superior to traditional screen printing.

DTG Printing Can Provide More Durable Results

Whenever you are having a custom design added to a t-shirt, it is important to make sure that it will be as durable as possible. To this end, DTG printing can be an excellent choice due to the fact that the ink or pigment will be applied directly to the fabric. This can allow for it to bond with these fibers so that it will be less likely to flake or peel off the material.

DTG Printing Can Allow For A Higher Degree Of Resolution

There are many instances where individuals will want to apply highly complex designs on their shirts. In these situations, they will need to have a printing option that will allow for a high enough resolution to allow the design to be printed on the fabric. DTG options can provide some of the highest-resolution prints, which can make it an ideal option for both basic and complex designs.

DTG Printing Can Be Exceptional For On-Demand Needs

There are many businesses that will need to be able to provide on-demand printed shirts. Whether this is for their customers to even as a part of employee uniforms, this need will require a printing service that can provide rapid completion of the orders that are received. DTG can allow for rapid completion of orders due to the fact that it will not require significant preparation. In contrast, screen printing can have a significant amount of tooling time that will be needed as these screens may need to be made and placed on the printing machine. In contrast, DTG printing can be done almost immediately so that any processing time will be kept to a minimum.

Whenever you are having t-shirts custom-made for your business, you will want to make informed choices throughout this process so that you can get the right results. DTG printing is one of the best options in this regard as it will allow for a person to have t-shirts prepared that will have an extremely durable print, support a high resolution, and are suitable for on-demand printing. These options may make it the best choice for having your business's custom t-shirts printed.

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