Organizations That Should Print Custom Bookmarks

People often think of business cards and branded envelopes when they think of their organization's commercial printing needs, but there are many other printed products that certain organizations can benefit from having. It can be fun to browse the website of a commercial printing service to see what unique products catch your eye. Many of these companies can print bookmarks in different sizes and on different materials. You can design exactly how you want your bookmark to look, which can depend on exactly how you want to use it. Here are some organizations that can benefit from having custom bookmarks.


A lot of bookstores have bookmarks that are available to customers. Some stores hand out a bookmark when a customer buys a book, for example. You might instruct your cashiers to simply slip a bookmark between the pages of a book that a customer purchases. There are lots of different designs that may be suitable. You might want something simple — perhaps your bookstore's logo and contact information on one side, and perhaps a famous quote about reading on the other side. Or, you might want the design to feature a message that conveys your thanks to your customers for their purchase.


Local libraries can also benefit from ordering custom bookmarks to hand out to their members. You might think about having one design for adults and another for kids, given that people of all ages routinely visit the library. For adults, you might want your design to feature some of the services that are available at your library. In the design for children, consider listing the upcoming children's programs that you have. In this scenario, you may want to order custom bookmarks several times during the year so that the list is accurate and has the latest information.


If you work full- or part-time as a language tutor, ordering custom bookmarks to hand out to your clients can be a good idea. These printed products can feature your name and website on one side, with various other designs on the other side. For example, you might have some basic grammar or spelling tips on the other side of the bookmark. Whenever one of your clients reads a book, they can glance at these tips and recall them, which should help their spelling and grammar over time. If you're interested in ordering custom bookmarks for your organization, contact a local commercial printing company.