Should Your Business Incorporate Print Media In Direct Marketing Campaigns?

Direct marketing is a form of advertising that allows businesses to communicate directly with potential customers. Print media is one popular form of direct marketing, allowing businesses to reach a large audience with their message. It includes newspapers, magazines, flyers, and posters. Print media is also very affordable and easy to produce. Read ahead to discover why businesses are incorporating print media in their direct marketing campaigns.  More Personal Print media is an effective method of direct marketing because it is a very personal way to deliver a message.

Commercial Printing Customers Should Follow These 7 Trends

Like any industry, commercial printing has its trends. Customers should keep up with these trends so they can produce items that will look fresh and modern. Look to these 7 trends for inspiration before starting your next project.  Sustainability  Commercial printing services providers use lots of ink and paper. Understandably, this creates sustainability concerns. Customers can, however, ask about materials and processes that reduce waste and improve recyclability. Natural-fiber papers, for example, often come from more sustainable sources.

How To Maximize The Benefits Of Commercial Printing Services

Many businesses rely on commercial printing services to produce materials for internal and public consumption. If your business has commercial printing needs, you should maximize the benefits by doing the following things. Create Specific Versions of Every Item A business will usually need several types of print products. Rather than trying to shoehorn your digital files into a bunch of varying physical print formats, you should create versions for each medium.

Why Sending Congratulations Cards Is Still a Good Idea in the Digital Age

When someone gets the job they wanted or otherwise achieves a major life milestone, it's common today for lots of people in their life to send a congratulatory text message or perhaps an e-mail. But while many forms of communication today are conducted in a digital manner over the Internet or a cellular network, there are still benefits to being a bit more old school in your approach. Here's why you might want to stock up on Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards or other themed stationery that you can use to reach out or touch base with a friend or colleague when the time is right.

Which Businesses Need Newsletters?

If you own a business or are in the beginning stages of setting up a business, you may have wondered about the benefits of establishing a newsletter. Newsletters do a lot more than share news and updates. They also remind people that you exist and sell your services with little effort. So, how do you know that your business would benefit from a newsletter? These are some of the industries that benefit.